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He estado leyendo un poco esta página pero son de esa clase que dicen muchas cosas de la excelencia y la calidad de las empresas, y sin embargo uno no sabe bien bien que es lo que venden... Eso sí, dan muchas conferencias y por supuesto se dedican a asesorar. Y como no!!! El pulpo es su símbolo, y menudo pulpo!!!

"Getting your Arms around the Competencies." The leisurely draped tentacles of the octopus are a symbol of the 21st Century Project Managers' dilemma of having to get their arms around the complexity, problems, governmental issues that comprise large projects. There are simply not enough arms to go around!! But, this conference will deal with an armful of those competencies---seven to be exact---so attendees can grab hold and master them.

Accentuating Our Octopus Symbol
Pulpo de cristal

The octopus is renowned for its curiosity and resourcefulness. Two characteristics they share with top notch Project Executives. The famed Steuben Glass Company has recently announced the octopus as a new entry in their Artful Animals collection. A lucky paid attendee will have this Artful Animal grace their home or office. The Winner will be chosen by a drawing at the conclusion of the Conference's Closing Keynote.


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