Arte y pulpos -Bent Adrian-

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Brent Adrian

Los cuadros son del artista Brent Adrian, y corresponden a su serie Somata. Unos cuadros donde se representan trozos de carne o vísceras de animales muertos.
La página del artista se puede visitar aquí (El dominio es Kingjackass, cuya traducción creo que es Rey asno). La página tiene un aspecto igual de frío que sus cuadros y apenas hay datos del artista.

Pero aquí al menos dejo una referencia del artista acerca de Somata:

Somata is a selection from a body of work I have been pursuing for the past two years. The subject is an up-close exploration of the flesh of dead animals, all of which were purchased from a local grocery store. These images are of three animals- a roasted duck, an octopus (thawed and then dried) and a filleted fish. I selected these animals based on the way they looked rather than their specific identity. I am most interested in the inherent similarity of their flesh. The images are close-cropped to retain a sense of ambiguity. The lighting and space also remain ambiguous to enhance the sensuous quality of the surfaces. The paint handling is thick and visceral to emphasize the importance of the material. Often, the pieces are combined into diptychs to imply a sense of movement, the passing of time, or a transformation.
Essentially, all living things are made of flesh and are bound in the same inevitable cycle. My interest in the sensory experience of cutting into dead animals is a result of struggling with my own mortality and an upbringing that devalued the flesh in favor of something greater. I believe the flesh itself can become something more if it is treated with reverence. It has been my goal to create paintings that pay homage to this beautiful physicality.

Brent Adrian


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