Arte y pulpos -Laura Walker Scott-

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Octopus –Laura Walker-

El cuadro es de Laura Walker Scott, que como ella explica está empezando en esto de la pintura.

"I would like the viewer to feel and decide what a particular piece means to them.
I started drawing in 2005. I have no formal training and I think that helps me not worry about rules. Drawing has quickly and surprisingly become a means for a dive into my spirituality: For me, creating something is a prayer and an exercise in discipline. Letting something be created is an exercise in surrender and faith and hope. Letting it go reminds me that everything is transient.
I love color and vacillate between simplicity and complication in my themes. My projects usually start with the need to see certain colors and then the subject matter follows. Pastels are my favorite medium because they allow me to be spontaneous, not worry about "mistakes" which can be easily corrected, and achieve instant, satisfying results. I am satisfied with a piece when the colors dazzle my eyes and the composition is calming and harmonious.
Once, I complete a piece, like a cheetah cub being pushed out of the den, it lives on it's own. And in it's life, if all goes well, it may make people feel something, or remind them of a time, or place, or dream. It may travel around or live in a stable home, or it may end up on the wall of a dive bar in the year 2082. All good.
I am currently living in Portland, Oregon".


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