Pulpos y negocios -Octopus Car Washes-

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Octopus Car WashesEl Octopus Car Washes es un negocio de lavado de coches, que tiene sucursales una buena parte de las ciudades de EEUU, es un negocio que lleva ya abierto desde 1950.

Algunos datos más:

· Octopus Car Washes have been in business since the late 1950's providing brush less technology for the safety of our customer's vehicles.
· Octopus Car Washes utilize the latest in Low touch washing , that we have pioneered, and developed to clean the vehicle with the utmost in safety. The wash process has been proven to lengthen the life span of the finish therefore enhancing resale value.
· Value! Our low pricing (starting at only $6.99) and the speed (15 minutes or less) can't be done at home, by a charity function, or at a gas station wash.


Octopus Car Washes It’s such a joy when your passion is replicated through your work. After being a United States Air Force bomber pilot in WWII and in the Korean Conflict he lost a bet to start up a business for his fellow veterans when they get out. Though the partnership didn’t succeed, the business flourished. In 1953 John Jurkens opened his first car wash in Rock Island, Illinois. Never having operated a business of his own, let alone a car wash, it was a brand new adventure for him to explore. The devotion and enthusiasm John Jurkens has put into developing and exploring new avenues of washing cars still holds true today.

Early on Mr. Jurkens was told that he’d never make it in this business and that he’d have bad feet from them being wet all day long. Maybe that was partly the drive to succeed. But his love for a clean car was the ultimate drive and the importance of washing cars without the use of any friction was his dream. This evolutionary process spanned approximately 25 years. Today, all our washes have a series of arches to clean cars without the use of pads or brushes.

After operating many car washes in the Midwest, Mr. Jurkens expanded to primarily the Southwest. Over the years he has bought, renovated, built and sold over 30 car washes; at one time operating the largest group of car washes in the country. John Jurkens and his wife, Alice currently reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the family own and operate 6 Octopus Car Wash locations. Today he spends much of his time tweaking the washing formulas, striving for that perfect mix. Many of his family members have followed him into the car wash business and now run the daily operations: 2 sons, 2 daughters and a son-in-law.

Mr. Jurkens has always been a man filled with dreams and insight and with hard work has orchestrated a successful business. His family and devoted employees would like to express our sincerest appreciation to a dedicated man who simply enjoys washing cars for a living.


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