Arte y pulpos -Sebastian Buescher-

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Tentaculo –Buescher-

Sebastian Buescher es un artista que se mueve en el terreno de los diseñadores de joyas, pero no suele diseñar joyas convencionales, sino que intenta llevar al extremo los límites de la imaginación. La imagen muestra un anillo hecho de cobre con una cápsula de vidrio con alcohol y en su interior un tentáculo (también creo que lleva un diamante pero no consigo apreciar donde)

Se puede visitar su web aquí.

Art Jewellery
"Art jewellery is my rabbit hole into another universe, where sense, reason, explanation and justification are not needed. This place offers me a complete freedom of expression, where there are no rules, only the guidelines that I chose to place for myself. The work itself is a combination of unusual materials, processes and strange ideas, strung together in a way that they firstly provoke a response, sometimes shock, but ultimately pleasure me by being crystallized forms of my nonsensical ideas that I can see for real.I grew up in a house where chairs were not for sitting. This statement, I feel, has had a big impact upon my work. My father having been, and still is, an avid chair collector, found much satisfaction from simply collecting and displaying his chairs around the house. When I apply this notion to my work, then why is it so difficult to understand that jewellery can be appreciated and enjoyed without physically attaching it to yourself? This is my mission within my work and what I ultimately wish to achieve.I am a jewellery artist, meaning that I am an artist working mainly with jewellery as a tool to express my ideas. For many people it seems that art jewellery is wearable art, while for me it is the other way around. It may happen that I create jewellery that can be worn, but the norm of my work is not and that is why I do it and why I will continue doing it. The pleasure of creation for this work comes from that simple fact."

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