Pulpos -Tatuajes- Cephalopod Tattoos-

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En un artículo publicado por Tony Morelli en Tonmo (para leerlo hay que registrarse), donde hace referencia sobre la preferencia de algunas personas a tatuarse cefalópodos, y en especial pulpos. Estas son las contestaciones que Morelli recibió al preguntar a algunas personas el por qué se habían tatuado estos preciosos animales marinos. Las razones que predominan es una relación de algún tipo con el mundo submarino, y una predilección por los pulpos debido a su inteligencia.

· When I was a kid my uncle took me scuba diving, and I held a small octopus on that arm [where I got my tattoo]. It was such an amazing experience...

· I'm a scuba instructor, and they're my favorite...

· my favorite animal since i was a kid

· Cephalopods are my favorite creatures on the planet. They are not only highly intelligent and full of personality, but they are both entirely alien looking (compared to all other animals) and adorable at the same time.

· I've been volunteering at the same aquarium for 4 years. I've always been interested in marine life ever since I was little and I've always wanted to study marine biology. For many years my favorite animal was the typical dolphins or whales until the first day we got cuttlefish into the aquarium. I fell in love with them immediately! They're just so cute and so incredibly smart! I got the tattoo because it represents how the aquarium has helped me change for the better over the years (just like a cuttlefish can change!)... The experience has helped me to become a more outgoing person and has cemented my desire to pursue a career in marine science. I've been wanting a cuttlefish tattoo for years and finally got one!

· I like cephs a lot, and have devoted a lot of time to them. More importantly, I found an image of a ceph that resonated with me, and seemed to reflect other aspects of my life besides cephs.

· My tattoos are primarily marine invertebrates - jellyfish (chrysaora isosceles), blue ring octo, brush painting of a squid, and a starfish. There is one vertebrate, a seahorse.

· I have always been fascinated about how out of this world octopuses look; they truly look like something of an alien being.? A great life form, very intelligent also.

· ...you can't really sail to French Polynesia and not get a tattoo, so i got one of an octopus...

· I love cephalopods - the last (known) living sea monsters, intelliegent, and alien to us - but given that most of the earth's surface is covered by oceans, they're probably more abundant than even all 6 billion of us. Their colors and elegance of motion make them living art (to me, anyway).

· 'cuz they're just so gosh darn squidly!


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