Pulpos y literatura -Hossein Mazhari Malayeri-

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…He saw a meat mountain which was known to them. They embraced each other and then shook hand for the octopus. Octopus was thirty meters far from them; he knew they will be harmed if he moved. He answered to them by closing and opening eyes. His friends, yes his friends, their friendship began a few months ago and they were happy about that. Josef dived into the water happily and reached himself to his fried. Mary saw that Josef is coming out of the water straightly and only his ankle is in the water. His husband swam into her and they both reached to the octopus and stood on his legs hand to hand.
They were happy from visiting each other. It seemed they had no project. After playing and swimming with octopus for about one hour they said goodbye to octopus and rolled, when they were two hundreds away from octopus, he made a choppiness which lifted communicated with their friends with harmonious movements of their hands and feet, and for this their happiness doubled. One night they were talking till midnight.
Thy didn’t know if they should get an A grade with introducing the octopus to their project professor or if they should think about their friend’s health and forget about the grade and becoming famous…

Hossein Mazhari Malayeri –Lovely octopus-


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