Camiseta diseñada por Keshino Koi

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Estas camisetas también están diseñadas por Keshino Koi y a riesgo de que diga una barbaridad creo que su precio ronda los 3.200 yens, que al cambio de: 1 Euro = 156,5400 Yen japonés, así que me da unos 20 euros (bien podría ser...)

Los dibujos de ambas camisetas podríamos interpretarlos como Godzilla y Oodako en tamaño reducido acompañados de niño y niña respectivamente.

Oadako es el pulgo gigante que aparece en la película King Kong vs. Godzilla y en War of the Gargantuas. Un pequeño avance del clásico japonés del que hablaré proximamente. Copio y pego de la Wikipedia inglesa.

Oodako is a giant octopus daikaiju that came out in King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) and War of the Gargantuas (1966).

King Kong vs. Godzilla
Oodako attacked a village hut in Farou Island to get the special berry juice. The natives and the pharmaceutical company team attacked Oodako to stop it, but they cannot. Then King Kong appears behind a giant wood fence. He crumbles the fence with his bare hands and throws the pieces at Oodako. Kong grabs Oodako, but the octopus holds tight on to Kong's head. There is a short struggle and in the end, Kong pulls off the monster and throws it to the ground. Then he throws two boulders at Oodako's head. Oodako runs away from the village and Kong beats his chest and roars in victory.

War of the Gargantuas
In War of the Gargantuas, Oodako attacked a fishing boat, but it was defeated by the Green Gargantua.

Unmade Movies
Oodako also appears in a scene cut from the end of Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965). After Frankenstein kills Baragon, he escapes from the volcanic eruption that consumed Baragon's body and rushes to the ocean to douse the flames. There, Oodako surfaces and challenges Frankenstein to a fight. Frankenstein jumps at Oodako, but the octopus grabs the giant human. Frankenstein pulls himself away, but Oodako grabs him and they fall of a cliff and Frankenstein drowns.

A piece of concept art revealed that Oodako was being considered to appear in Godzilla Final Wars.

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