Calamar gigante -Interview with Curtis "Cole"-

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Una entrevista hecha a Liz Brister, otro de esos cazadores de cefalópodos. La entrevista es una especie de discusión que mezcla el calamar gigante, con el Big Foot, y el aterrizaje de platillos volantes en Roswell. Todo argumento es válido para intentar difuminar las barreras de lo que podemos y no podemos creer.

Interview with Curtis "Cole"
The Cephalopod Squad is conducting interviews with potential bounty hunters. The following interview took place in Hattiesburg, MS on Saturday, May 4, 2002. Curtis Cole is a 6 foot 6 man in his sixties although he looks very youthful. He has a long, white beard and piercing blue eyes. His voice was gruff, his disposition was deliberate, and his answers were thoughtful.

Liz Brister: Can I ask you a few questions?

Curtis Cole: Sure, go ahead. Is this for the newspaper?

Liz Brister:No, just a few questions for our organization...

Curtis Cole: Okay. What do you want to know?

Liz Brister: What do you know about the giant squid?

Curtis Cole: Well, I was watching a program on the Discovery Channel the other night and they were talking about the search for the giant squid.

Liz Brister: Very good. Do you believe in the giant squid?

Curtis Cole: (looking very skeptical) I, uh, I don't really know.

Liz Brister: Why?

Curtis Cole: Well, because I've never seen one.

Liz Brister: So, you're saying that you would only believe in the giant squid if you saw one?

Curtis Cole: Yes! Well, let me ask you something. Do you believe in aliens?

Liz Brister: I think it would be arrogant of us to believe that we're the only ones in this universe. Do YOU believe in aliens?

Curtis Cole: No!

Liz Brister: Why not?

Curtis Cole: Because of the Bible.

Liz Brister: Okay, but are you using the Bible as a critical text or for religious values? Forget it, let's get back to the giant squid. I'm more concerned about the giant squid.

Curtis Cole: Okay, well, let me ask you another question. Do you believe in Big Foot?

Liz Brister: What does that have to do with the giant squid?

Curtis Cole: What's this for anyway?

Liz Brister: This is for The Cephalopod Squad. We're an organization that is in search of the truth about the giant squid and all related conspiracy theories.

Curtis Cole: Conspiracy theories?! What kind?

Liz Brister: I'll tell you when I'm finished asking my questions. All right? Can we get back to this interview?

Curtis Cole: Sure go ahead, I love this stuff. Ask any question - ask away!

Liz Brister: Okay, so you're saying that you don't believe in the giant squid because you've never seen it. Then, would you call yourself a skeptic?

Curtis Cole: Yes, I'd say I'm pretty skeptical.

Liz Brister: But if you did see a giant squid, you would believe in it. Or, do you need empirical evidence in order to believe in something?

Curtis Cole: What?


Curtis Cole: Well, maybe. Do you believe in the Loch Ness monster?

Liz Brister: I don't know. I've never been to Scotland.

Curtis Cole: But do you believe that the Loch Ness monster exists?

Liz Brister: Who knows? I don't know enough about it to make a judgement and their sightings of the so-called "Loch Ness Monster" could just be large water lizards. Who knows?!

Curtis Cole: Okay, well, have you ever been to Wyoming?

Liz Brister: No, but my dad would like to live there. Why, have you? This better be going somewhere.

Curtis Cole: No, I haven't. But can Big Foot live in Wyoming?

Liz Brister: I don't know. You're asking me two different questions: 1) do I think that big foot exist?, 2) if it does, can it live in Wyoming?

Curtis Cole: Well, is it possible?

Liz Brister: Is it possible? Any thing is possible! But is it probable - that is the question! Wyoming is the one state that has smallest population of people, right?

Curtis Cole: Right! So, there are parts of Wyoming which man has never set foot on...

Liz Brister: ...just as there are parts of the ocean which have never been explored!

Curtis Cole: And there are parts of the world that no one has ever been to.

Liz Brister: Exactly! So, do YOU think that Big Foot lives in Wyoming?

Curtis Cole: (shrugging) I don't know.

Liz Brister: Well, it seems to me that you're more likely to believe that big foot lives in Wyoming than a giant squid living underwater.

Curtis Cole: Maybe.

Liz Brister: So, you'll believe in the big foot when its a creature which isn't related to ny other living animal when the giant squid is, clearly, just a much larger version of maller squid which DO exist...?

Para seguier leyendo la conversación aquí.


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