Arte y pulpos -Fiodor Sumkin-

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Fiodor Sumkin

Extrañas las ilustraciones del artista bieloruso Fiodor Sumkin, compuestas por imágenes compenetradas con todo un despliegue tipográfico.

Sus ilustraciones se pueden visitar en esta página personal.

En la biografía que cuelga en su página se puede comprobar como Fiodor es un artista que no duda en hacer las maletas a la menor ocasión. Se dice en estos casos que uno no necesita llevar demasiadas cosas en la maleta.

My name is Fiodor Sumkin. I was born in a Byelorussian family of artists. I grew up in Eastern Germany and at the age of 16 I left school. Two years later I moved to Moscow to escape the compulsory army draft. I lived in Russia for 6 years and made my living by drawing and selling my work on the streets. I also worked as a graphic designer in an advertisement agency. When I turned 19 I became the art director of an important magazine. At 21 with the help of my friends I opened a design studio that still exists today.

In 2001 the Creative Department of the Artist Holding Milano invited me to Italy. I worked there for half a year, after that I moved to Rome where I started to paint pictures again and arranged my first single picture-show. Today my works have spread around the world and you may find them in several American, Japanese and European Collections.

The last three years I lived without a passport in Europe. I used the credit cards of my girlfriend and could actually travel for free because there is no much passport control inside of Europe. At present I live with my girlfriend in Paris in a tiny little apartment which officially belongs to my girlfriend because she has got papers


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