Arte y pulpos -Tim Newton-

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En Creative leak se pueden ver sus ilustraciones de Tim Newton con una extraña mezcla entre la Disney y el surrealismo.

Octopus –Tim Burton

The Octopus vs. the World

"Okay, I know the title sounds a little big, but let me explain: I always kind of feel like something really bad is right around the corner for America. With all the war, hatred toward us by other countries, and even interior problems like racism, etc..., it just feels like something is bound to happen…I don’t know what, but something. Those problems are represented by the octopus, and the world is represented by the person on the raft. You’ll notice that she is facing just the one tentacle sticking out of the water like the tip of an iceberg, without realizing that it’s something much bigger beneath, and it’s moments away from pulling her down. All the while, there is a deep-sea fisherman on the left. We don’t see him, but we see his shadow and bubbles, indicating his presence. That is what might protect us. It’s probably our illusion that someone is there to watch over us, and we are naïve to the fact that we really need to change most things ourselves from within. Well, he’s there and he’s not. We’ll have to see what happens..."
Tim Newton


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