Humor -La tinta de los pulpos-

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Texto de la Uncyclopedia que viene a ser una especie de whiskypedia muy divertida. Se relata toda la historia de los pulpos vínculada a la producción de tinta. Los pulpos muy apreciados por su producción de tinta fueron utilizados como monedas, hasta llegar al punto que casi se llega a su extinción. Esta presión sobre la tinta del pulpo, se aligeró cuando salieron otros métodos de escritura.
El texto tiene algunos puntos bastante cómicos y segurmante también tiene más profundidad de lo que aparenta, pues muchos de los datos se apoyan en una base real, por ejemplo el hecho de que la tinta del pulpo fuera utilizada para la escritura, e incluso que en algunos lugares los pulpos fueran utilizados como monedas de cambio.
Ink is a liquid with a strong color used for writing and printing.

Ink was traditionally extracted from octopuses, who use it to camouflage their nests, feed their young and annoy people who snorkel. The importance of ink in an increasingly literate society made the octopuses highly valuable, and they were even used as currency in some parts of the world, most notably Japan. Large octopus farms were constructed to handle the ever-increasing demand, and many families living by lakes, rivers or the sea kept an octopus as a pet to remain self-sufficient in times of war.
The Ink Scare of the 1740s
The octopuses (also known as octopi or fat squids) struggled to adapt to their new role. The constant milking for ink made them unable to properly conceal their young from predators, and by the early 1740s they were on the brink of extinction. The black gold dwindled ever faster.
Not much is known of this period, since few people were willing to spend ink documenting it. The acute need for ink led to the invention of alternative sources, including a synthetic ink known as soy sauce containing equal parts of water, corn starch and darkness, and the pencil, facilitating ink-less writing for the first time since the chisel.
The pencil won out for hand writing, due to its low cost and chewy graphite. Soy sauce was reserved for formal letter-writing and masking the taste of bad fish.


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